Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Defend tag is a personal preventive equipment, containing 5g of Sodium Chlorite in a sachet that will release standardised Chlorine Dioxide gas, that has an anti-microbial effect, protecting the bearer from airborne infection via aerosol transmitted bacteria and viruses.

Defend is sold at RM59.90 per box & Protect is sold at RM29.90 per bottle by our authorised retailers. Anyone selling above this price is not authorised nor affiliated to Antah Pharma Sdn. Bhd.

Our dose of Chlorine Dioxide at 0.03-0.05ppm, is within the EPA and ACGIH safety standards.

Once the aluminium sachet has been opened, it is effective for 45days. Keep the tag open when in use.

Store in cool area. Avoid direct sunlight.

To date, there have been no report of side effects, if the approved levels of Chlorine Dioxide gas is used in accordance to the individual instructions on the product’s packaging.

Defend tag produces 0.03 – 0.05 ppm Chlorine Dioxide which is well within the international safety guidelines. It is recommended to adhere to the product usage guidelines on the packaging to ensure the Chlorine Dioxide levels do not exceed the safety standard.

Defend tag is effective within the radius of 1 cubic meter of the bearer. It is highly recommended for use when one is in a confined space or crowded areas such as meeting rooms, public transport (cars, airplanes, buses, trains), classrooms, offices, hospitals etc.

No. Defend tag only protects against airborne transmissions of pathogens. Therefore, attention should also be given to avoid any contact contamination from droplets (cough and sneezing), physical contact (contaminated objects) or food-borne (oral ingestion of contaminated food).

Defend tag is devised to provide an extra level of protection against airborne microbes, however you are still advised to always ensure personal hygiene such as washing hands with soap and water, using sanitisers and face mask whenever necessary.

Covid19 is a novel coronavirus that scientists are still researching, to understand its nature – the potential survival rate in the air and on objects, the incubation period in humans, the transmission/infection rate among humans and its other characteristics. We therefore, DO NOT claim that Defend Tag is effective against Covid19. It is still advised to adhere to good personal hygiene habits and social distancing.

There are several studies on the efficacy of Chlorine Dioxide as an antimicrobial agent, that is effective against viruses and bacteria. Chlorine Dioxide is the main ingredient of Defend Tag. 

Chlorine Dioxide is considered as a general disinfectant product in Japan. Therefore, it does not need to be registered in Japan under the Japanese law. Chlorine Dioxide is however, regulated by the Hatukaichi Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Japan Chlorine Dioxide Industry Association. Defend Tag is certified by the Chamber to be used as Chlorine Dioxide generating powder to sterilise viruses and germs.

At its approved doses, Sodium Chlorite and Chlorine Dioxide in both gas and solution forms are FDA approved as a food additive and to disinfect medical equipment and devices. It is also EPA approved for use in drinking water, industrial wastewater treatment, and environmental clean-up.

Defend tag is a non-ingested and non-topical device. It is a personal preventive equipment and as outlined by the Medical Device Authority (MDA) Malaysia, it does not require registration at this time. In Japan, it is regulated under the Japan Chlorine Dioxide Industry Association.

True, Chlorine dioxide is explosive when its concentration in air exceeds 10% v/v4 (100,000ppm), however Defend tags are designed to release 0.03-0.05ppm which is at a very safe level.

The Defend Tag has a standardized release of 0.03-0.05pm which is way below the OSHA and NIOSH safe exposure limits.

The international ClO2 gas permissible exposure limits are 0.1ppm 8-h Time Weighted Average (OSHA*) and 0.3ppm 15- min Short-Term Exposure Limit (NIOSH*).

*OSHA – United State Occupational Safety and Health Administration

*NIOSH – United State National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

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