Defend tag is a protective tag which gives the bearer one cubic meter protection from airborne germs.
Protect is a safe an effective alcohol-free antiseptic spray containing <10ppm active Nanosilver.
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Defend | Protect

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Antah Pharma has expanded into having its own brand products with innovative technologies, providing superior efficacy and of high safety standards products ethically sourced and produced locally and internationally. In the year 2020, Defend tag and Protect spray were introduced to the Malaysian market.

protect spray

Promotes wound healing and tissue regeneration

Combats inflammation

Fights off microorganisms

Alcohol free

How to use protect spray

Spray On

For minor burns, wounds, sores, irritations, pimples, body odor, bed-sores, eyes, nose, ears and skin problems.

All-Rounded Protection Against Germs

Use anytime & anywhere for maximum protection.

Wound Healing​

Spray on minor wound to promote healing.


Spray on affected area 1-2 times per day, as required.

defend tag

Anti-microbial activity compliant with International Safety Standards

Safe & effective Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
Made in Japan, and this technology has been used for over 20 years

45-days of effective protection against airborne bacteria & viruses

1 cubic meter personal protection around the bearer

How to use defend tag

Package includes

Sachet in aluminum foil . Tag . Lanyard & clip.

Step 1:

Tear aluminum foil. Take out the sodium chlorite sachet.
(Do not puncture sachet)

Step 2:

Insert unopened sachet into tag and write date of commencement.

Step 3:

Attach to lanyard or clip.


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